Simon Terry

Can Archery Make You Healthier?

Once you choose to live a healthier lifestyle, you might dread the thought of having to work out at a noisy or judgmental gym in public. Furthermore, many people find traditional workouts to be boring, so they do not stick with it. This is the reason why sports such as kayaking and biking are so popular. However, an often-overlooked sport in regard to both mental and physical benefits, is archery. There are a few key aspects to how archery provides these benefits. All it takes is a willingness to think outside the box, and to give it a try. Let’s take a look at why archery is beneficial to your health.

Strength training is something that you might not have considered when it comes to archery. Consider the fact that many workout regimens employ the use of resistance bands, which are pulled by the hands or feet. This resistance increases muscle strength, in addition to improving flexibility. The standard beginning draw weight strength is usually 15 lbs. In order to produce an accurate shot, you must be able to draw the bow string and hold it steadily as you take aim at a target. Simply drawing the string is not as difficult as holding it in place as you aim, but practice will certainly increase your overall strength.

It’s common knowledge that your confidence will grow withy practice. Consider the positive feelings you get when you accomplish a difficult task for the first time. You have the potential to do this time and again within the sport of archery. Gaining confidence and a positive self-esteem through archery has the potential to affect other areas of your life as well. You may start to approach problem-solving opportunities at work with more enthusiasm, for example. Your confidence will shine through in other aspects of your life as you gain this confidence.

Social interaction is most certainly and integral part of maintaining a good mental state. From a young age we realize that people tend to divide into groups of friends, according to shared mutual interests. Anyone who has not found their niche should consider the archery community. They are welcoming, and they can provide a wealth of knowledge to help you to be successful within the sport. Additionally, social aspects arise when you are invited to conventions, meet and greets, competitions, and friendly outings. A sense of belonging goes a long way in improving both mental and physical health.

Goal-setting is critical to maintaining a sense of positive self-worth. Archery enables you to set goals that you can achieve right from the comfort of your own backyard! The most common goals revolve around accuracy. Accuracy is measured through target practice. An increase in practice time can yield great results if you stick with it. For example, first you might set a goal for being able to hit the bullseye on the target from 10 yards away. After successfully completing this task, you can steadily increase the distance and try to hit the bullseye from greater distances in increments of 10 yards.