Simon Terry

Archery and Hunting

Although most people associate hunting with guns, the reality is that people of historic times, as well as people such as the Native Americans, relied on forms of archery to hunt for their food. The main difference is that technologies have been developed to put hunters in the best possible situation in order to harvest wild game. Various types of animals are hunted by bow and arrow throughout the world. These species include deer, boar, turkeys, and even fish. Archery provides a challenging means to hunt for animals for both food and sport. However, some factors come into play when it comes to an ethical and enjoyable hunting experience.

The first thing to understand is how to select the proper bow and arrow combination to meet the needs of your specific hunt. For example, a broadhead arrow point is used to hunt turkeys. Hunters prefer a wider arrow which is designed to do more damage upon impact, thus limiting the animals suffering. Certain arrow points are coveted for the ease with which they penetrate layers of feathers found on turkeys. However, those who hunt deer or large game prefer and arrowhead which penetrates muscle and flesh more easily. It’s important that the arrowhead is extremely sharp, so that it can penetrate and bring the animal down.

One of the reasons why people still opt for using guns to hunt with as opposed to hunting by bow and arrow, is that they feel it is more humane. The reality is that the idea of minimizing animal suffering really comes down to the ability of the hunter to execute an accurate shot. This is the reason why it is so important to conduct target practice. Animal decoys are available for archers who wish to perfect their craft. These life-sized decoys are essential tools for promoting confidence while hunting. Additionally, breathing and concentration techniques are critical to pulling off a successful bow and arrow hunt.

Similar to hunting with a gun, you must be able to recognize and execute what is considered to be a “kill shot” if you plan to hunt via archery. Many hunters enjoy pursuing animals because they wish to harvest the meat. This means that vital organs must be targeted in order to achieve a clean and quick kill. Again, using life-sized decoys is an excellent way to ensure that you do not allow the animal to suffer, especially when it comes to hunting bigger game such as deer. Life-like decoy targets allow you to practice aiming your arrow to hit the heart or lungs, thus minimizing suffering.

Bow hunting has been used throughout time, and it requires a different level of skill and practice to become successful. Issues such as wind speed do affect gun hunters, but the wind has a greater effect on the trajectory of an arrow versus a bullet. This is why it is so important to practice shooting your bow and arrow under a variety of conditions, including different wind speeds and directions.