Simon Terry

Reasons Behind Archery’s Popularity

Archers from around the world have their different reasons for getting into the sport. For some, it was passed down to them through their family. Others decided to give it a try after the wildly popular book and movie entitled The Hunger Games. Those who had not read the book, but saw the movie version of The Hunger Games, quickly became enthralled by the dynamic main character named Katniss. Her ability to use archery as her main form of defense, collection of food, and general problem solving, caused many female fans to take up the sport. Movies and social media have certainly played a role as they pertain to the increased attention on archery.

However, archery is not just popular due to social media and movie exposure. Many families have taken up the sport because it provides a way to spend quality time with one another. It’s a sport which does not require long-distance endurance, or the ability lift massive amounts of weight. It enables people from all backgrounds to start out on equal footing. Our busy lives often prevent us from spending more time with family, and archery provides a fun way to do it. Consider taking lessons as a family group, as many instructors offer group or family discounts.

When someone has achieved a positive self-esteem, it means that they feel good about themselves. This is achieved through accomplishments, and archery certainly allows you to build on your self-esteem. When you finally hit that bullseye from 50 yards away, for example, that is a feeling that nobody can take away from you. Some kids and adults choose to enter competitions. Once you’re successful at beating out another competitor during a competition, your confidence will soar. The positive sense of self-worth that archery provides should not be overlooked.

The blogging community and social media have played a large part in the increasing popularity associated with archery. These days, anyone can become an instant online star. Viral videos, often uploaded to YouTube, gain widespread attention. They become “viral” once they are shared across the world via social media formats. This is the way in which many people take an interest in archery in the beginning. There are plenty of archery videos with thousands of views online, many of which feature trick shots, or seemingly impossible distance shots. Bloggers maintain daily or weekly archery posts which keep the public up to date on the latest archery equipment and news as well.

Social aspects of archery should not be ignored. Often, people who struggle to make friends do not have a peer group with which they identify. The archery community is a tight-knit group of people, and they get together often to hold friendly competitions, or even to trade and discuss the latest gear on the market. Socially awkward kids for example, can benefit greatly from going to a summer camp which teaches the basics of archery. They might be able to forge lasting friendships with others, over a sport which brings people together.